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The Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation

 is investing in a new project called "Making Places, Historic Mills of Connecticut." Staff of the trust are researching and preparing a database of at least 200 Historic Resource Inventories on industrial sites. The trust was awarded a grant of $250,000 from the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority as the first major investment. The first step will be a survey of historic industrial complexes, mill villages, and industrial neighbourhoods to update the 1981 SIA survey (which focused on sites between 1840 and 1910). The new survey will extend the time frame to 1965. Future phases will include redevelopment plans and small grants to help utilize old mills.


Elections will be taking place in 2014, and the nominations committee is accepting names of anyone willing to serve on the Board of Directors.  The board meets twice a year to discuss present and future SPOOM events; and each board member has a particular area of responsibility.  Persons interested should send background information to the Chair Person of the Nominating Committee, Jeanne Marioni at:

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