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Book of Wrinkles

A collection of handy, labor-saving devices and ideas for the use of millers and millwrights. Compiled from the “American Miller”. Reprinted in 1994 by the Society for the Preservation of Old Mills. 136 pages. (retails for $14.85)

$8.44 + $3.80 S&H

Total: $12.24

Fitz Bulletin #70 Steel Overshoot Waterwheel

A 1928 catalog describing company products and a description of their virtues over turbines; provides specifications, running speeds, and general machinery descriptions. 84 pages. (retails for $10.00)

$5.62 + $3.80 S&H

Total: $9.42

For Millers in the Making

A collection of articles originally appearing in The Northwestern Miller. Sketches, flow sheets, and descriptive information describe various aspects of milling. Copyright, 1936. Reprinted by the SPOOM Press. (retails for $11.00)

$6.25 + $3.80 S&H

Total: $10.05

Leffel Water Wheel – Improved Turbine

A rare 1883 handbook of 160 pages prepared by the James Leffel Co., and reprinted by the SPOOM Press. Contains power tables and turbine specifications, and descriptive material and pricing. Also lists thousands of Leffel installations worldwide. (retails for $11.00)

$7.50 + $3.80 S&H

Total: $11.30

Leffel’s Construction of Mill Dams and Bookwalter’s Millwright & Mechanic

Two books in one. A SPOOM reprint of an 1881 publication provides accurate description of every aspect of dam construction. Bookwalter’s discusses practical mill-related advice. 288 pages. (retails for $13.00)

$9.37 + $3.80 S&H

Total: $13.17

Midget Marvel Book Set

Consists of two books, Milling with the Midget Marvel Flour Mill, and The Story of a Wonderful Flour Mill. The first provides basic non-technical instructions for the operation and maintenance of the Midget Marvel Mill. The second book tells the history of the Midget Marvel Mill and provides testimonials regarding its use in revolutionizing the milling industry. A SPOOM reprint of the 1916 edition.
(retails $13.00 per set)

$7.50 + $3.80 S&H

Total: $11.30

Millwright’s Journal by L.L.Houseknecht

The daily activities of Pennsylvania millwright Leslie Houseknecht from 1894-1895. Transcribed and compiled by William Denton, 2006. (retails for $20.)

$6.87 + $3.80 S&H

Total: $10.67

Practical Milling by Dedrick

This is a reprint of B.W.Dedrick’s 1924 book detailing all aspects of milling. 575 pages, hardcover. Best overall American reference book.
(retails for $41.25)

$23.43 + $4.50 S&H

Total: $27.93

Versatile Millstone Workhorse of Early Industry

Author Jon Sass discusses the uses of millstones over the centuries using text, photographs and drawings. 80 pages.
(retails for $12.00)

$6.56 + $3.80 S&H

Total: $10.36

Waterwheels. International Textbook Co

A reprint of ITC’s 1907 book on waterwheels and turbines. Descriptive material includes formulas and diagrams; 128 pages.
(retails for $13.00)

$6.25 + $3.80 S&H

Total: $10.05

The Abortion of The Young Steam Engineer’s Guide.

A little known Oliver Evans book on steam engine power; a very rare book. (retails for $24.75)

$12.50 + $3.50 S&H

Total: $16.00

The Fischer Windmill. By Phillip Vierling.

A history of the Fischer Windmill with drawings of its machinery and mechanism. Also contains a glossary of windmill terminology. 124 pages. (retails for $16.00)

$8.75 + $3.50 S&H

Total: $12.25

Fitz Waterwheel Bulletin #100.

Companion to Fitz Bulletin #70, but describes Fitz made turbines, and impulse wheel; oriented to small hydroelectric producers. 84 pages. (retails for $10.00)

$6.25 + $3.50 S&H

Total: $9.75

Grist and Flour Mills In Ontario.

Do not be misled by the title of this book by Felicity L. Leung which describes the milling process in layman’s terms. Illustrated. Soft cover. 284 pages. (retails for $33.00)

$18.75 + $5.50 S&H

Total: $24.25

Guide To U.S. Patents For Windmills and Wind Engines.

Describes U.S. patent history, especially as it pertains to windmill improvements between 1793 and 1950. Compiled by T. Lindsay baker as a T.I.M.S. publication in 2004. 120 pages. $16.00.

$12.50 + $3.50 S&H

Total: $16.00

Meadows Mills. By Marty McGee.

A history of the first 100 years of the Meadows Mill Company of North Wilkesboro, NC, 1902-2002. Hardcover, 86 pages. (retails for$25.)

$15.65 + $4.50 S&H

Total: $20.15

Millstone Manufacture in Virginia.

Charles D. Hockensmith provides a look into the millstone industry through the eyes of two men who actually made millstones in southwestern Virginia. (retails for $14.00)

$8.15 + $3.50 S&H

Total: $11.65

Nordyke Marmon Catalog #48.

A reprint of one of this company’s best, early catalogs. Discusses flouring mill machinery in 164 pages and many diagrams. Excellent reference. (retails for $11.00)

$6.25 + $3.50 S&H

Total: $9.75

The Young Millwright and Miller’s Guide.

A first edition reprint of this Oliver Evans classic; published in 1795. This is the best period reference for American milling. 472 pages, hard-back, with illustrations. (retails for $35.00)

$27.50 + $4.50 S&H

Total: $32.00

Waterwheels in the Service of British Columbia’s Pioneers.

A thorough description of water power equipment and usage in Canada’s western-most province. Discusses devices not seen elsewhere. Many photos and sketches. All interwoven with a history of the area. 170 pages, hardbound. $20.

$12.50 + $5.50 S&H

Total: $18.00

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