The Society for the Preservation of Old Mills

Miller Training

To be held in conjunction with the 2017
SPOOM Conference
Bowmansville Roller Mill
October 11th, 2017
Fee: $70 including lunch
Earn 5 credits towards your
Miller Training completion certificate

Experience a totally repaired 1850 Gristmill with a circular Saw Mill in Lancaster county Pennsylvania
The mill has two waterwheels one which powers a two stand Case roller milling System and the other powers two grinding stations with Millstones.
The Saw Mill is detached from Gristmill with an operational water- driven circular saw mill.
This class will be completely devoted offering unique training only available at certain locations.

Class will be limited to ten (15) participants. Teachers will be Craig Sansonetti, John Lovett, Levi Leinbach and Mason Maddox.

This training will provide the participant experience in the following areas:
• Milling and Operation of Circular saw mill
• Sharpening and setting Blade teeth
• History and operation of a Roller Mill
• Middling’s Purifiers and sifting
• Elevators and Augers
• Grading and handling various Grains
• Lubrication
• Safety precautions
• Power transmission
• Belting machinery and belt splicing
• Wooden gearing/machinery

Contact information for Miller Training:
Mason Maddox Jr., (571) 212-2333 or
E-mail: Mason.Maddox@fairfaxcounty.gov

Please E-mail or call for availability
and to reserve your spot.

Miller Training to be held at
Bowmansville Roller Mill

Address: ___________________________
Phone number:
E-mail address:

Please enclose a check for seventy dollars ($70.00) made out to SPOOM and include the registration form.
Registration fees cover the cost of training and lunch.
If you would like to become a SPOOM Instructor this is the time to let us know we need you to keep the program going into the future!

Send Registration form and payments to
Miller’s Training
c/o Mason Maddox
990 Bethany Church Road
Bumpass, VA 23024