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Newlin Grist Mill, Built in 1704, Powered by Internal Overshot Wheel, Operational
Newlin Grist Mill, PA-023-006
23 photos - updated 7/21/2018
Green Bank Mill, Built in 1790, Powered by Overshot Wheel, Non-Operational
GreenBank Mill, DE-003-003
14 photos - updated 7/21/2018
This is a collection of photos from various mills that were provided for their application to the National Register of Historic Places.
National register of Historic Places
49 photos - updated 7/18/2018
Union Grist Mill, Non-Operational
Union Grist Mill, MO-037-005
6 photos - updated 7/10/2018
Treloar Grain Elevator
Treloar Grain Elevation
10 photos - updated 7/10/2018
Markum Springs, Built in 1940s, Powered by Overshot Wheel
Markum Springs Grist Mill, MO-113-001
7 photos - updated 7/10/2018
Holstein Feed Mill, Built in 1871, Powered by Steam/Electricity
Holstein Feed Mill, MO-111-001
3 photos - updated 7/10/2018
Higginsville Feed Mill, Built in 1849, Powered by Steam/Electricity, Razed
Higginsville Feed Mill, MO-055-001
2 photos - updated 7/10/2018
Gerald Roller Mill, Powered by Steam, Non-Operational
Gerald Roller Mill, MO-037-002
2 photos - updated 7/10/2018
Bonnot's Grist Mill, Non-Operational
Bonnot's Grist Mill, MO-077-002
4 photos - updated 7/10/2018
Beans Creek Mill, Powered by Overshot Wheel, Ruins
Beans Creek Mill, TN-026-005
10 photos - updated 6/28/2018
Montgomery Grist Mill, Built: 1820, Powered by Turbine
Montgomery Grist Mill, KY-044-001
4 photos - updated 6/25/2018
Rinn's Grist Mill
Rinn's Grist Mill, KY-023-001
18 photos - updated 6/25/2018
Summersville Grist Mill, MO, Powered by Steam
Summersville Grist Mill, MO-109-005
32 photos - updated 6/14/2018
Dillard Roller Mill, MO, Powere by Turbine, Non-Operational
Dillard Roller Mill - MO-029-006
2 photos - updated 6/11/2018
Robbins-Holton Mill
Robbins-Holton Mill, NC
3 photos - updated 6/1/2018
Old Mill of Guilford, Powered by Overshot Wheel, Operational
Old Mill of Guilford, NC-041-001
3 photos - updated 6/1/2018
Puppy Creek Mill, Built in 1914, Powered by Turbine, Non-Operational
Puppy Creek Mill, NC-078-003
2 photos - updated 6/1/2018
John Grist Mill
John Grist Mill, NC-083-005
1 photos - updated 6/1/2018
Howard's Creek Mill, Built in 1897, Power by Electricity, Non-Operational
Howard's Creek Mill, NC-055-002
1 photos - updated 6/1/2018
Helton Mill, Built in 1855, Non-Operational
Helton Mill, NC-005-001
3 photos - updated 6/1/2018
Crossroads Mill
Crossroads Mill, NC
3 photos - updated 6/1/2018
Cockerham Mill
Cockerham Mill, NC
4 photos - updated 6/1/2018
Clark-Miller Mill
Clark-Miller Mill, NC
5 photos - updated 6/1/2018
Berry College Grist Mill, GA-057-00, Built in 1930, Powered by Overshot Wheel, Non-Operational
Berry College Grist Mill, GA-057-001
16 photos - updated 5/27/2018
Jackson's Mill, Combination grist mill and saw mill, Non-Operational
Jackson's Mill, PA-005-014
12 photos - updated 5/27/2018
Built – 1886; Type - Grist Mill, Powered by - Turbine, Condition - Operational. Currently - National Park. Location: (ADC 49 B2) (C 2) On US Hwy 441 about 3 miles north of CHEROKEE.
MINGUS MILL, NC-087-006, CHEROKEE, NC - David A Smith
25 photos - updated 5/27/2018
Tupelo Cotton Mill, Built in 1901, Steam Powered, Non-Operational / Event Center
Tupelo Cotton Mill, MS-041-001
18 photos - updated 5/26/2018
Brewer Austin Mill, This mill is part of the Settlement Exhibit at Discovery Park of America in Union City Tennessee. It is a newly constructed mill building using the milling equipment from 1816.
Brewer-Austin Mill, TN-
12 photos - updated 5/29/2018
New Mills Corn and Flax Mill, Ireland
New Mills Corn and Flax Mill, Ireland
19 photos - updated 5/23/2018