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Alley Spring Roller Mill, Built in 1894, Powered by Turbine, Non-Operational
Alley Springs Mill, MO-103-001
9 photos - updated 9/17/2018
Star Roller Mill, Powered by Electricity, Currently feather storage warehouse
Star Roller Mill, MO-069-001
11 photos - updated 9/17/2018
Dick's Roller Mill, Grist Mill, Powered by Steam, Non-Operational
Dicks Roller Mill, MO-028-001
14 photos - updated 9/17/2018
Green Brothers Mill, Grist Mill, Built in 1823, Powered by Turbine, Non-operational.
Green Brothers Mill, KY-043-00
13 photos - updated 8/27/2018
Westphalia Grist Mill, Operational Feed Mill, Originally powered by Steam, currently powered by electricity
Westphalia Grist Mill, MO-077-007
10 photos - updated 8/23/2018
Rich Fountain Grist Mill, Non-Operational, Deteriorating
Rich Fountain Grist Mill, MO-077-006
8 photos - updated 8/23/2018
Paydown Grist Mill, Non-Operational, Powered by Turbine.
Paydown Grist Mill, MO-064-003
13 photos - updated 8/23/2018
Meramec Spring Forge, Non-Operational, Powered by Water
Meramec Spring Forge, MO-082-001
32 photos - updated 8/23/2018
Dillard Roller Mill, MO, Powere by Turbine, Non-Operational
Dillard Roller Mill - MO-029-006
6 photos - updated 8/23/2018
Loham Grist Mill, Private Residence
Lohman Grist Mill, MO-027-001
5 photos - updated 8/21/2018
Loham MFA Feed Mill, Currently operating feed mill
Loham MFA Feed Mill, MO-027-001
4 photos - updated 8/21/2018
Corbin Grist Mill, Currently other business
Corbin Grist Mill, MO-025-001
7 photos - updated 8/21/2018
Yankee Smith Grist Mill, Built 1978, Reproduction Mill, powered by Overshot Wheel, Currently Museum
Yankee Smith Grist Mill, MO-025-003
11 photos - updated 8/21/2018
Watkins Woolen Mill, Built in 1860, Powered by Steam, Non-Operational, State Park
Watkins Woolen Mill, MO-025-002
73 photos - updated 8/21/2018
Prater's Grist Mill, Dalton GA, Built in 1855, Powered by Turbine
Prater's Grist Mill, GA-155-001
32 photos - updated 8/16/2018
Green Bank Mill, Built in 1790, Powered by Overshot Wheel, Non-Operational
GreenBank Mill, DE-003-003
14 photos - updated 7/21/2018
Newlin Grist Mill, Built in 1704, Powered by Internal Overshot Wheel, Operational
Newlin Grist Mill, PA-023-006
23 photos - updated 7/21/2018
Union Grist Mill, Non-Operational
Union Grist Mill, MO-037-005
6 photos - updated 7/10/2018
Treloar Grain Elevator
Treloar Grain Elevation
10 photos - updated 7/10/2018
Markum Springs, Built in 1940s, Powered by Overshot Wheel
Markum Springs Grist Mill, MO-113-001
7 photos - updated 7/10/2018
Holstein Feed Mill, Built in 1871, Powered by Steam/Electricity
Holstein Feed Mill, MO-111-001
3 photos - updated 7/10/2018
Higginsville Feed Mill, Built in 1849, Powered by Steam/Electricity, Razed
Higginsville Feed Mill, MO-055-001
2 photos - updated 7/10/2018
Gerald Roller Mill, Powered by Steam, Non-Operational
Gerald Roller Mill, MO-037-002
2 photos - updated 7/10/2018
Bonnot's Grist Mill, Non-Operational
Bonnot's Grist Mill, MO-077-002
4 photos - updated 7/10/2018
Ketner's Mill, Grist/Roller Mill, Built in 1882, Power by Turbine, Operational
Ketner's Mill, TN-056-001
20 photos - updated 6/28/2018
Ledford Mill, Built in 1884, Powered by Turbine, Non-Operational, Currently a Bed and Breakfast
Ledford Mill, TN-064-001
17 photos - updated 6/28/2018
Beans Creek Mill, Powered by Overshot Wheel, Ruins
Beans Creek Mill, TN-026-005
10 photos - updated 6/28/2018
Falls Mill was built in 1873 as a cotton and woolen factory. Later it was used as a cotton gin,wood working shop, and grist mill. It currently house the Museum of Power and Industry.
Falls Mill, TN-026-002
80 photos - updated 6/27/2018
Riverdale Mill, Grist Mill, Built in 1858, Powered by Overshot Wheel, Non-Operational, Private Residence
Riverdale Mill, TN-047-003
16 photos - updated 6/27/2018
Bollinger Roller Mill, Built in 1867, Powered by Turbine Non-Operational
Bollinger Mill, MO-016-002
12 photos - updated 6/26/2018