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Hello Spoom, hope everyone is doing well.

I'm in the process of restoring an 1833 Gristmill in East Randolph, NY. Unfortunately its no longer a running mill as almost all of the mill machinery has been removed over the years. In the past it was ran as a recycling and alternate energy center. I plan on reopening it as a 1800's general store and museum, there are a lot of items still in the mill that will go on display. Ill be turning the waterwheel into a hydroelectric generator for power, ill also be adding a wind turbine to help with that.

I started a GoFundMe to help with this project, if ok, ill add the link to the message. It would be great and id appreciate any help spreading the word for this. Once opened I look forward to seeing fellow Spoom members there. I posted pictures of the mill in the gallery under New York.

Thanks for your time.

Chris Anderson
GoFundMe Link:
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