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What Is This?
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Late to this question for sure. Do you have the answer at this point?

I am guessing it is to raise an object to working height or to lift a lever which is under an object. There is not much mechanical advantage the way it is now, but if there was ever a block and tackle on it, it would enable the user to lift a heavy load. The ring on the end for the rope indicates that the end of the plank is not the working end so the object would be on either side of the plank, not the end of the plank. The indentions on the end indicate a lever with a turn down or ball on the end. Perhaps the user had a bad back and this enabled a task which otherwise caused great pain or was impossible to do.

It goes from vertical to horizontal via a rope on a spool. There is a series of holes and a peg so it can be set at a variety of degrees of elevation. The floor beneath it is the same plank as the rest of the room. No reason to believe it was ever anything else.
That is quite an interesting contraption. How far does it raise and lower? What is under this on the lower floor?
This device is in the grain storage area of our old mill. No idea what it is or what it's for. Haven't seen another one in any of the other mills we've been in. Friends have offered lots of suggestions as to what it is, but I don't think any of them have much merit. Would love to hear if anyone knows what this is. Curiosity is starting to get to us.
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