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Waterwheel For sale
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I'm willing to consider any reasonable offer for this water wheel. It is an overshot wheel. I estimate that it will run at full power on a little less than 1 CFS of water, approx 7 gallons per second. It does not yet have any gearing, but I will continue to make improvements on it, and intend to cast a ring and spur gear for it this spring. The wheel is designed to be assembled and disassembled, and I am willing to help with the reassembly process if needed. Disassembled, the entire wheel will easily fit onto a small trailer or 8' U-haul. It weighs approximately 1100 pounds. Thanks for looking!

Update, the wheel is now painted, two coats of primer and a finish coat. Here are some new photos of the waterwheel. It's still for sale.

For Sale, 14' diameter waterwheel on 2" axle shaft. Estimated torque 5000 ft/lbs, approximately 10 hp. Text 206 561-7529, or email me , Loch Wade, at, for more pictures and details.

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