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Leffel turbines
Motor Mill Fnd of Cl
We found two wooden turbines, which have been buried in mud and water for 150 years, at Motor Mill, on the Turkey River near Elkader, Iowa. We believe they are Leffel turbines, purchased from Allis Company about 1868. We're looking for more information or history about Leffel turbines - especially wooden turbines. Thanks!
Dale Cook
Have you examined any of the catalogs published by manufacturers
of Leffel turbines? Many are available online at sites such as Hagley
Digital Archives and Hathi Trust. If you would like I can email you a
list of catalogs containing Leffell turbines with links to their
online locations.

Dale H. Cook, Pentax K-70 w/ Pentax-DA 18-270mm walking-
around lens, Rokinon 650Z 650-1300mm telephoto lens
Michael Kauffman
The SPOOM bookstore has the 1883 Leffel waterwheel handbook in stock that has a wealth of information on this subject.
Motor Mill Fnd of Cl
There are 2 versions of the 1883 catalog in the bookstore. Does anybody know the difference?
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